Blood. Sweat. Beer. Such intense and skilled rocking that panties fall to the floor spontaneously, all across the region.

And whatever is going on in this GIF.

That’s what air guitar promises. That’s what air guitar delivers.

Air guitar returns to San Francisco on THURSDAY, JUNE 8 at The Rickshaw Stop.  Were you looking for MORE wigs, MORE underwear worn in strange ways other than under the bottom half of clothing, and MORE riff-crushing shreds in your life?  Then you’l want to stop… at The Rickshaw Stop.

Doors are at 8. Faces melt at 9. Drunken screeching usually commences by about 10, at the latest.

See The Show

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a stage full of rock gods, spandex aflair, whaling to the screams of the best air guitar fans in the country.  It’s ridiculous and you should be there.


Be The Show

Do you have what it takes to be San Francisco’s next Rock God and/or Goddess?  There’s only one way to find out. Sign up and mount the stage with us on June 8 at The Rickshaw Stop.  Winner gets… yes… $100!

A Brief Q&A

Q. Wait, a Thursday?  A Thursday? How can I rock balls-to-the-wall on a Thursday? I gotta work the next day.

A. Okay. 1) Thursday is the new Friday, and 2) Nothing is more RawkNRoll than coming into work in dark glasses so no one can see your Hangover Eyes.

Q. Are there any logical arguments against being a competitor in this fine exhibition of wack?

A. Literally none.

Q. Well then there must be plentiful arguments in favor?

A. Indeed there are: 1) It costs the same amount to compete as to watch 2) The view is better, 3) You get to hang out backstage with some of the biggest nutbars in San Francisco, 4) There are free drinks, and 5) All you have to do to gain all these benefits is make an ass of yourself for 1 minute. And let’s be honest. You’ve probably done that 5 times since lunch.

Q. Where can I sign up?

A. Here!

Q. But lo, I am an introvert, and anyways there are only 15 performance spots. Instead, I will watch.

A. It’s okay, we also welcome your kind. For there must be someone in the audience, or else stage dives result in major head injuries.